Apocalypse How?
an existential bestiary

A collection of comics drawn from the long-running web comic Love Among the Lampreys, published by New Michigan Press.


Apocalypse How catches you emotionally and dare I say spiritually off guard in the best way possible.

- Yumi Sakugawa, Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One with the Universe

Adrienne Celt has a created a world where animals see to the heart of the human condition, finding it even sillier and stranger than we had thought.

- David Troupes, Buttercup Festival

These comics are a funny and surreal dive into many of life’s existential quandaries. Celt’s loving rendering of her animal characters softens some of the hard truths they describe.

- Anne Emond, Comiques

Adrienne Celt’s offbeat animal cartoons never fail to make me smile. There’s something magical about an owl experiencing ennui.

- Nicole Cliffe, The Toast
Apocalypse How: An Existential Bestiary cover