Adrienne Celt

author of The Daughters & Apocalypse How?
and friend to imaginary people and animals

Cover of The Daughters, a novel by Adrienne Celt

The Daughters, a novel
Winner of the 2015 Pen Southwest Book Award

A haunting novel with real emotional depth, Celt’s psychologically nuanced debut continues to resonate long after the last page has been turned.

- Kirkus Reviews (starred)

In this novel, voice and music and history and storytelling and mythmaking and motherhood and protection of the self are in many ways the same: Living animals, changeable and complex, adaptive and perilous and endlessly powerful … . Here is one you should not miss, a gratifying feast in lush, lyrical, and full-throated form.

- Carmen Maria Machado, NPR

Celt … aims for one of life’s most difficult questions: should we be held accountable for being alive?

- Alex McElroy, Electric Literature

After the birth of her daughter, opera sensation Lulu fears a family curse has made her lose her voice, in Celt’s lyrical debut novel about the perplexing riddle of inheritance.

- Sarah Meyer, O Magazine

Celt’s debut is a carefully crafted and mesmerizing look at one family’s history… . A beautifully written exploration of the myths and the realities that bind families together that will leave readers eagerly awaiting Celt’s next novel.

- Booklist

Music and motherhood — that’s what you’ll find at the core of The Daughters, yet each element is so original, you’ll swear you’ve never read about either before.

- Meredith Turits, Bustle

[A] dazzling debut… . The Daughters is about motherhood and daughterhood, of course, but also relationships and fidelity and music and ambition and talent and compromise and scary-ass Polish folktale witchery.

- Rachel Fershleiser, Tumblr Books

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Apocalypse How: An Existential Bestiary cover

Apocalypse How?: An Existential Bestiary
A collection of comics drawn from the long-running web comic Love Among the Lampreys.

Apocalypse How catches you emotionally and dare I say spiritually off guard in the best way possible.

- Yumi Sakugawa, Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One with the Universe

Adrienne Celt has a created a world where animals see to the heart of the human condition, finding it even sillier and stranger than we had thought.

- David Troupes, Buttercup Festival

These comics are a funny and surreal dive into many of life’s existential quandaries. Celt’s loving rendering of her animal characters softens some of the hard truths they describe.

- Anne Emond, Comiques

Adrienne Celt’s offbeat animal cartoons never fail to make me smile. There’s something magical about an owl experiencing ennui.

- Nicole Cliffe, The Toast

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