Apocalypse How?
an existential bestiary

A collection of comics drawn from the long-running web comic Love Among the Lampreys, published by New Michigan Press.


Apocalypse How catches you emotionally and dare I say spiritually off guard in the best way possible.

- Yumi Sakugawa, Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One with the Universe

Adrienne Celt has a created a world where animals see to the heart of the human condition, finding it even sillier and stranger than we had thought.

- David Troupes, Buttercup Festival

These comics are a funny and surreal dive into many of life’s existential quandaries. Celt’s loving rendering of her animal characters softens some of the hard truths they describe.

- Anne Emond, Comiques

Adrienne Celt’s offbeat animal cartoons never fail to make me smile. There’s something magical about an owl experiencing ennui.

- Nicole Cliffe, The Toast
Apocalypse How: An Existential Bestiary cover

Love Among the Lampreys

Narwhal: I don't accept the premise
Narwhal: that midnight must be dark and dreary
Narwhal: In fact, I don't accept the premise
Narwhal: of darkness

Visit my webcomic Love Among the Lampreys. I post a new weird animal comic pretty much every Wednesday. N.B.: many of these comics (along with other bits and oddments) have also been published in lovely literary journals & online outlets. You can find them in the following places:

  1. Life Advice from the Faceless Girl
    The Toast (June 2016)
  2. More to Life
    Broad Magazine (December 2015)
  3. Even More "Odd Animal Cartoons"
    The Toast (August 3, 2015)
  4. #LlamaBooks: A Hot Take
    The Toast (March 2, 2015)
  5. Three Comics
    Bat City Review (Spring 2015)
  6. Love Among the Lampreys: Selections
    The Southeast Review (Spring 2015)
  7. Desk Job: A Comic of Minor Hysterics & Ennui
    Drunken Boat: Poetry Comix & Animation Special Folio (December 2014)
  8. More Odd Animal Cartoons
    The Toast (July 8, 2014)
  9. Good Shepherd
    Barrelhouse (Summer 2014)
  10. A Sampler of Odd Animal Cartoons
    The Toast (May 21, 2014)
  11. Comic Spotlight
    The Rumpus (April 10, 2013)
  12. Steps for Home Tooth Extraction, Berkeley 2006
    Hobart Pulp Online (January 16, 2013)
  13. Love Among the Lampreys: Selections
    Hobart Pulp Online (November 2012)
  14. Selected Comics
    Gigantic Sequins (Summer 2012)